Thursday, November 25, 2010

Crochet Week: For Grandma

This week I'll be sharing the different crochet projects I worked on last month. The gifts have met their owners so I'm free to share!
Purple Crochet Necktie

Purple Crochet Necktie

Isn't this necktie/scarflet the cutest?? It looks even cuter on my grandma who is a very petite person. It was made following Lion Brand's free tutorial using Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Purple.
The tutorial is surprisingly easy to follow--I had expected to have some trouble working the ends but the directions are very clear! (The green neckwarmer from yesterday was started using this tutorial too if you'd wanted a similar pattern.) The only thing I didn't like were the many ends I had to weave in which is my least favorite part of any crochet project, but I have to say it was worth it!

It's hard to pick out gifts from stores for some people but I always know a handmade gift will be well received. I'm glad I could make something pretty and warm for my grandma for this winter season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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blue eyed night owl said...

That's beautiful, I'm sure your grandma will absolutely love wearing it!

Handmade gifts are amazing, to receive as well as to give. Don't you just love working on something you hope will make the recipient happy?

hana said...

@blue eyed night owl Yeah! It's my favorite part of working on these projects. :)