Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Beautiful LA Day

Yesterday we made a special trip down to LA to see Tare's aunt and uncle from the Philippines. He hadn't seen them in over ten years and I had never met them before. We also visited with his grandmother as well, taking them out to lunch and a few places in Hollywood.


The skies were clear, the weather was beautiful, and it was such a nice day to be out and about. (There were so many tourists!)
It was my first time driving up to see the sign and my oh my it was a steep and curvy drive. I can't believe people actually live up there! We parked our car across from a personal residence that had an open patio or garage area with interesting photo opportunities.

A rocking lamb
Door to Another World
Hello Blue

We also stopped by the Farmers Market and the Grove before dropping them off and heading towards Mitsuwa Marketplace.

Curry with Pork Cutlet
{SOOC deliciousness}
Curry Club
{Long line for ramen. Weirdly, I love noodles but I don't like Japanese ramen noodles! Udon > ramen.}

{Picture from Google Images}
This is melon bread. It is my favorite bakery bread! I haven't had any that actually tastes like melon (I hear there is some melon extract included) but it's the tastiest bread in the world. It makes me think of Shana (anyone know who I'm referring to? ;)). I actually prefer the ones made by the Korean bakery because it's a little softer and chewier with the perfect outer crust than the Japanese ones I've tried. But it tastes like a sweet, buttery, sugary crust hugging a soft and fluffy inside and it is usually more white in color than in the picture. I highly recommend you go find this and try it!
(We bought six of these and there are only two left this morning hehehe.)


Michelle-esque said...

I've seen melon bread before, but I have yet to try them! :O I really want to try some now! I love Udon too! :)

danya lee said...

i love melon bread and ALL noodles! so yummy. fun times. :)

hanamik said...

You have to try!! It's the best!

Sandy a la Mode said...

your photography is getting better and better sweetie!!! :) mmmm that melon bread looks sooooooo good!!

Michelle said...

This sounds like such a nice day!! Love the photos.