Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fixing the Missing Part

I truly adore Blue, my camera. I love its size, I love its lenses, I love its abilities. The one thing I do not love is the lens cap.
Yes, it protects my precious lens from getting scratched or getting dust on it but when you're taking pictures, there's nowhere for it to go!
It's dangerous and with my pregnancy brain these days, I just know I'm going to lose it somewhere.
So I had to fix what was missing by making a lens cap keeper.

It is securely attached to my wrist strap by a keyring.

In action!

This is my self-designed case made with my own sewing pattern. My sewing patterns always aim for two things: 1) functionality of end product, 2) the easiest way possible to get it made and finished. (Actually those two things are my crafting philosophy in general.) I sketched what I wanted it to look like and I measured and drew out the pattern piece. I really hate calculating seam allowance and drawing straight lines and this one was especially complicated because it was all one piece but only the body needed extra seam allowance for when I sewed up the sides after turning it right side out. *sigh* In the end, it turned out the way I wanted although imperfectly. All of my sewing projects are imperfect and I just keep telling myself that's what makes them so charming and mine. :) Anyone else like that?

All in all, I enjoyed making it and am so glad to have it ready for my weekend getaway tomorrow!

♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥

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Michelle-esque said...

I know exactly what you mean about losing the lens cap! I don't know how many times I've had that racing-of-heart feeling after realizing I misplaced my lens cap. This is super duper clever! I really like it a lot! :)

Daylightful said...

This is so cute! Great job of making it! Where are you off to this week? Enjoy yourself!

hana said...

@Michelle-esque Thanks! I wonder if anyone makes these sorts of things, probably right? Do you have somewhere to put your lens cap?

hana said...

@Daylightful Thank you :) We're going to Monterey to enjoy an ocean view!

Michelle-esque said...

Haha unfortunately I don't have anywhere to put my lens cap. I just make sure to leave it somewhere that it is visible so that when I am done taking pictures I can find it. If I am walking around I put it in my pocket ^___^

Jihee said...

omg that's so perfect! it's so pretty!

vivatveritas said...

what a great idea! i always feel like i will loose my lens cap when im out taking pics. i might copy your idea!

hana said...

@vivatveritas I'm sure yours will turn out much neater and finished looking than mine then haha! I'd love to see it if you do make it!