Monday, December 6, 2010

Fun Times

A random collection of pictures from my visit to Colorado...

Me & Tare Yu Women

Beary Cute
I thought they look alike.

Moon Rise
Moon Rise
I wish I could capture how big and close this full moon was! It was a moon-rise that I've only seen in Colorado, so beautiful. It's the big round light in the distance on the right in the 2nd picture.

Panda baby
It took a lot of self control to keep myself from bringing him home to add to my collection. So cute!

We had lots of fun at nrb (aka karaoke)! I love singing :)
I really do mean everyone when I say "we." hahaha

Snow flurries
The first snow flurry I've seen in a year!

Sister & Me
This is my sister and me. Do we look alike? We kinda do in this picture but usually people cannot tell we're related. She's making me look fat.

Sister & Me & Cousin
Bora, me, SJ unnie (cousin)

Like Buddha
Buddha moment - there were many hands upon my belly throughout my visit.

It's fun looking through all of my photos and remembering how I spent my time with family and friends. Next year will be even better because I'll have tokki with me and we can visit lots of fun places with him. I'm looking forward to it already! Thanks for making our time there so special my lovely family & friends. :)

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bora said...

You and seungjoo unnie look more related than we do in that picture of the three of us. It's your lips Hehe.