Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We make our own Snowflakes here.

Snowflake Lights
Snowflake Lights
Snowflake Lights
♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥ - ♥
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cat song said...

oh wow, you made those?! so cool!

hana said...

@cat song Sorry C, but no, they are from IKEA LOL. I just meant we "make" our own snowflakes here in Cali since there is no snow. :)

cat song said...

hahahahhaa. funny. i was going to say, wowwww that's so cool!!!

but they are pretty regardless :)

Michelle-esque said...

OH! I know what you mean! There isn't snow in Southern California. I wish there was though :( I've always wanted to decorate inside my room with lights, but I keep reminding myself that I would be wasting electricity doing that hahaha ^^

The Little Dust Princess said...

Oh the lights are SO pretty!!

xx The Little Dust Princess