Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's in the bag.

A Hasty Life

Today I'm participating in a blog crawl hosted by A Hasty Life. It's so interesting taking a peek into someone else's bag and I hope you enjoy taking a peek at mine! Take some time to visit teaching in heels who shared yesterday and remember to visit kalanicut tomorrow for her post!

1. Black Cloud Twist Bag: This is my most used bag. It goes with every outfit!
2. Poketo Wallet: From Target, it was too colorful and cute to resist. I love the number of card slots and pockets to put all my stuff in.
3. Coach Chelsea Cosmetic Case: Pretty & the perfect size for all the little stuff ♥ (see below!)
4. Eclipse mints: I always get these in Winterfrost. I don't chew gum and I don't like other mints because of the aftertaste, but this one is fresh and sweet.
5. iPod Touch 4G: My companion wherever I go! It has replaced my need for a notebook-type planner and these days I mostly use it for keeping up with my daily Bible reading plan and taking fun photos.
6. LG EnV3: I'm a texter so I appreciate the qwerty keys.

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick: I love carrying this around instead of lotion because it won't explode or leak and you can use it anywhere (lips, face, body)!
2. Neutrogena Moistureshine Soothing LipSheers in Sparkling Nude & Shimmering Blush: My absolute favorite lip product of all time. I've already gone through one and now have two in rotation and one for backup in Cool Nectar. This gives my lips a hint of color with the feeling of a balm so it's not too pigmented or sticky. I'm not into gloss or lipstick and other tinted lip balms have felt too dry for me but this one is perfect!
3. Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner in Stash
4. Eye drops
5. Shiricki Pirate Panda & Crossbones mirror: I prefer my mirror-viewing to be more discreet so I love that I can peek at it without taking it out and opening it up. And I can't resist a panda product!
6. Aveeno lotion: I think this is from when I was visiting Colorado and my hands were so dry and I had to get something for it. Not a permanent resident in my bag.
7. Oil-blotting paper
8. Mini pen: You always need a pen.

Tell me what's in your bag!


hanamik said...

Bora is a copycat. hehe

Jihee said...

aww i really wanted to do this!

I love looking inside everyone's bag! You have such pretty things hana unni! I didn't know you and bobo have the same wallet, i love it so much! and I'm in love with your bag omg.

Michelle-esque said...

Your bag is absolutely GORGEOUS! I really like the shape of it! I love your compact mirror and your wallet, too! :)

catherine said...

i love refresh eye drops! sigh, can't go anywhere without them :)

Ashley Hasty said...

Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl! I'm having such a fun time seeing what is in everyone's purse! I love your coach pouch. It is super cute and seems to be really handy!!

<3 Ashley