Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the little things

I decided to "Instagram" the little things around my house today. I lack inspiration to write or take proper photos so I'm taking the easy way!

This is a new pet bowl+mat set I bought from swirl.com. They were doing free shipping & $20 off for new customers so I think I paid like $3 for it. Isn't it adorable? I love the ceramic bowls, they are heavy so it won't scoot around and the sides are lower so it's easier for Aji to reach in without getting water and food all over her beard.

Flowers from our baby shower squeezed into an empty apple juice container. We don't have any vases so we make do. :)
& I should probably get started on those Thank You cards again!

Aji's new bed which she adores. We got it for her as a Christmas present and she now spends more time lying in there instead of other random places around the house. It's her first bed and the perfect size for her, so cute! The weather these days is so gloomy and dreary. I have to say it does influence my mood, I just don't feel like doing anything at all most of the day.

Crossing the days off one by one! I met with my midwife this morning and tokki is doing absolutely wonderful. He's in a great position and growing well! This month we need to interview potential pediatricians. My midwife says her intuition is telling her I'm going to have an easy labor and that she might not even get here in time. I am praying her intuition is right! I have a very positive feeling about it too.

So very random but they fit in the "little things" category so well: a felt rose I made one night and a mini Tare panda in my hand. We had it made at the purikura place in San Francisco, I made Tare put on a sad face because I thought it would be funny. It makes me smile when I see it!

A free prayer calendar I received from Samaritan's Purse (you can request one at their website if you'd like free of charge) - a reminder to pray for the world and the people in different countries that I wouldn't normally think about by myself. We're so involved in our own lives that we forget to pray for the bigger things with a bigger scope that need our prayers. I believe we can make a difference with prayer and we should be generous with our time to do that for others. This week it says to pray "that God would raise up a new generation of medical missionaries to meet the overwhelming needs at missionary hospitals around the world."


Jihee said...

Oh I know it's really annoying. I do that a lot too but I'm too lazy to go back and delete them now lol they'll probably make it happen on the next update :D

hanamik said...

It's similar to Gilt or Hautelook, selling designer stuff at lower price.

hanamik said...

I took all of these with that app but I don't know how to get it to NOT share and just let me keep the picture. I let it on the feed then deleted each of them, must have left that one keke. Is there a way to do that?

A.Li said...

Aw, love the panda keychain.
What is swirl.com btw?

Jihee said...

omg the panda keychain is so perfect haha. I love all your pictures :D i saw aji's photo on my feed in instagram hehe.

Michelle-esque said...

The rose and the panda keychain is definition adorable and funny! I love the new bed you got for your puppy! :) The doggy bowls are adorable also! So many adorable things on one post! ^______^