Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music for a Weary Wednesday

It is yet another foggy day. The weather lends to a melancholy mood which makes me want to listen to some "rainy day" music.
Take a listen to the music even if you can't understand the lyrics. Here are a few of my favorites for days like these...

One Way - Rainy Days (English/Acoustic Version)

IU - Alone in my room

IU - Someday (Dream High OST)


michelle kuek said...

i saw one way live a couple of weeks ago! they were pretty great!

michelle kuek said...

i love all the songs you are sharing! i have watched two episodes of dream high and i think i am well on my way to getting addicted!

Jihee said...

I love love love one day - rainy days especially the korean version.. i think you know why. (cough junsu cough) haha. I really like IU too her voice is so sweet. ♥♥♥