Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shopping with a Purpose

Yesterday I went shopping at the mall. Specifically, I went to Old Navy because I heard there was a sale of up to 80% going on (which wasn't true by the way) and Forever 21. I picked up leggings that look like jeans and a comfortable but blah jersey dress from ON and I found one tunic from F21 that would work with leggings in my B shape. Shopping fail.

I guess F21 just doesn't do it for me anymore because our store is huge, and by huge I mean it replaced a department store and I could actually get lost in there, and yet I couldn't find anything that I really wanted. I was looking for something specific: anything long enough to wear with leggings because I don't feel like squeezing into my maternity jeans anymore and everything that was long enough before is no longer working out. I don't understand how they don't have more tunics or dresses in stock right now! I'm in spring mode because it doesn't seem like winter where I live (back into the 60's, yeah!). It was disappointing. I wasn't looking in maternity because it doesn't seem worth it for two more months and maternity dresses all look the same = boring.

So I came home and went on Hautelook and found these pretties:

Puella Henley Dress & Hook and Eye Dress

I was resisting the buying urge again until Tare stepped in and clicked "Place Order" like he always does for me.
Do you think they'll still look cute on a short person? I hope so... weird thing is, now I keep looking for clothes that will have easier nursing access. And the two above actually look like they will! I don't think I'll be able to wear them by the time they arrive since estimated shipping date is in two weeks, but I'm excited for some pretty new non-maternity clothes.

Do you shop with something specific in mind or shop as you go?
Currently I'm on the search for more dresses/tunics, stud earrings, and nursing clothing & PJs.


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hanamik said...

That would be awesome if you could share! Thanks :)

Michelle-esque said...

Those dresses are gorgeous! From what I learned, dresses like those DO look good on short people. I am 4'11" so I wear a lot of dresses that flare out on the bottom. If I wear maxi dresses or dresses that cling to my body, I look shorter. I'd have to pair the A-line skirts with heels though to make it seem like I am taller.

I don't like shopping at Forever 21 anymore either. They got as big as a regular department stores, and they just repeat the same stuff on all the floors. It makes it that much more difficult to find something you're specifically looking for. I like to shop on their site if I'm looking for a particular thing.

When I go shopping, I make a mental note of what I need like: school clothes, internship clothes, interview clothes, etc. and I buy according to that.

Do you want a few sites that sells dresses similar to that? I can go through my links of stores for you! :)