Thursday, January 20, 2011

thank you gifts

The first week of January, our community group threw us another baby shower. There were desserts, a few games, and gifts!

{Multi-tasking Mommy game: mommy carries a "baby," is talking on the cell phone, and hanging clothes on the line all at the same time. Team who finishes first wins!}

{Biggest Belly game: one teammate wears a large shirt to stuff while others blow up balloons; aim of the game is to fit the most balloons inside the shirt}
This was such a funny game!

{Gift opening time}

We had a lot of fun and received such great gifts that have us prepared for baby to arrive! We're blessed to be part of such a great community group.
Thank you cards were sent out but I still wanted to do a little something extra for the two girls who planned and prepared it. I eventually decided to crochet coaster sets for both of them.

thank you gifts
thank you gifts

I'm glad I found something to express my gratitude but honestly, sometimes I feel unsure about giving handmade gifts to people. I wasn't sure what color they'd like or if they'd really use them or whether it's too small of a gift or whether they'd appreciate that it was handmade. But maybe I'm just overthinking it (I tend to do that a lot) and the thank you message is clear. I hope they liked it!

Do you have a go-to thank you gift for such occasions? 


Chi said...

the baby shower looks like lots of fun! X3
the coasters are so pretty~ i'm sure they'll love it!
I think people appreciate handmade gifts more than bought ones~

i haven't had a baby shower yet... (^^;) but i remember the first handmade gift i gave our friend was just a framed certificate congratulating him for going on the roller coaster for his birthday since we went to 6 flag (he hates roller coasters but his gf loves them). and he was really really moved with that (though i think he didn't feel that good after all the roller coastering that day (^^;))

and more recently i made a little figure for one of hubby's friend's birthday~ we weren't sure if he'd like figures... but he said it was the best present that year! X3

Quiltyhabit said...

I like to make mug rugs for people as a go-to gift, but often, I feel like bought gifts are more appreciated =/ that doesn't make me want to stop sewing though! Just a little disappointed =P your coasters are beautiful!