Monday, February 7, 2011

Everyday Matters #17 & #19

EDM #17
17. Draw a musical instrument

Two musical instruments I've spent a lot of time with are the piano and voice. I rarely play the piano anymore although it used to be a big part of my life since I was very young but I hope to get back into it as I play to my baby and hopefully teach him the basics when he's older. I still sing although not as much as I used to and I no longer record. Sometimes I wish I could do that again but I'm not sure where I'd share that anymore... I hope to sing more too when baby is here.

EDM #19
19. Draw something you've made

The best thing I've ever made in my life is obvious... I plan on painting this one!

(#18: I skipped it, teehee!)
Please feel free to share your own sketches! If you'd like to do a little drawing every day, join me in the challenge!


hanamik said...

Thanks Jihee. I have no motivation to record anymore, it used to take up so much of my time before and was a great stress reliever but I no longer have stress. LOL ;)

Jihee said...

your sketches are always so beautiful. you are such a great singer hana unni :D i remember listening to you a lot during highschool. you should record again!

Mandy said...

oh i looooove that bump sketch!