Monday, February 14, 2011

Everyday Matters #21, 22, 24

EDM #21
21. Draw something old, antique, or vintage.

While I admire vintage style, I personally don't own anything vintage so I searched etsy for some ideas in red & white.

EDM #22
22. Draw a piece of clothing.

One of the dresses in my wishlist is this Urban Outfitters bow-tieback dress (which does have a print on the fabric). I love the bow detail and the perfect amount of skin that would show through that I would be comfortable with.

EDM #24
24. Draw a piece of fruit.

Can you guess what fruit this is?

Sending lots of love and hearts and warm, gooey feelings to each and every one of you this Valentine's day. Thank you for reading & commenting in my humble space here, it brings me such joy. ♥


Sandy a la Mode said...

love the dresses!! btw CONGRATS on your baby boy!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Jennifer said...

I've never seen a fruit like that before. Great drawings! Happy Valentine's Day!!! ^__^

Bora said...

jeff spoils you too much methinks. (in ref to your new necklace and flowers)

p.s. kiwi?

Michelle-esque said...

Is it a peach or an apricot? :O

I love your drawings so much! :)
Happy Valentine's Day friend! :)