Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sunlit Evenings

Winter Sunset

Winter Sunset

It's been lovely since the sun has been shining again and fog has departed for the most part.
I look forward to the days getting longer again in the spring.


Jihee said...

these are so beautiful!

catherine said...

wow! so pretty!

Pandora89 said...

What a beautiful view...!!! Awesome...!!!!:)

Sandy a la Mode said...

woww the sky is sooo beautiful! i love it when it does that!! :)

vivi said...

so breathtaking!
over here it just keeps snowing and sleeting. most days it's been cloudy and when they start to disappear its already nighttime.
I rarely see the blue sky :(

Michelle-esque said...

Oh I love this post! The sky is absolutely gorgeous! :)