Friday, February 4, 2011

tokki watch: 35w

35 weeks
~13.2 in.

Is it just me or does it seem like yesterday was Monday? It feels like I'm skipping days! That's probably because I've been napping so often, it's all I want (need) to do these days.

I'm at the point (I've been at the point) where I don't feel like taking pictures anymore. What used to be once-in-a-while "fat days" are now everyday "fat days" and while I'm not upset about my weight gain at all, it doesn't put me in the picture taking mood (also doesn't help I'm not very photogenic). I'm only pushing on because I don't like leaving things undone. ;)

But there are only 31 days now, "whooray"!


Mandy said...

you are absolutely adorbs.

Michelle-esque said...

You're almost theree! Aahhh!! :)

ilene said...

you are so close - and looking so good! so exciting!!!!

Daylightfulness said...

You're almost there!! So excited for you!