Friday, March 11, 2011

tokki watch: three weeks

Three Weeks

Baby boy is growing so quickly! He is already 8 lbs 2 oz and growing longer and bigger by the day. I'm thinking he might outgrow this bear rug faster than I expected... ;)

While tokki is doing well, I am not feeling so hot. I have had a bout of mastitis since yesterday which feels like the flu with fever, chills, dizziness + a clogged milk duct; luckily my fever and chills disappeared yesterday and I'm just feeling very tired again today. Hopefully it clears up completely this weekend!

Prayers for Japan and everywhere else affected by the earthquake and tsunamis... somehow this hits closer to home as I have family in Japan & Hawaii (they don't seem to be affected, thank God!) and our neighbor's husband is working in Japan right now (he is safe too).  I count my blessings every day but even more so today...


vivi said...

I'm glad you, your family and friends are safe and well. And tokki keeps getting more adorable each post

I wish the best for Japan as well

Jenn said...

Aaawww He's looking at the heart beside him! Hope you feel better soon ~

ilene said...

he is getting so big!!!!! you have such gorgeous pictures of him too :)

and yes my heart is def praying for japan. thoughts/prayers being sent out for them!