Friday, March 4, 2011

tokki watch: two weeks

Two Weeks

This week started out with Tare's 24th birthday! It was a cozy birthday at home with yummy pizza & wings and the cutest cake ever. Happy birthday new daddy, we love you very much! ♥
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Also, tokki & I had our first outing this week to a local La Leche League meeting (breastfeeding support group). He is still so small it makes me nervous to leave him in the car seat, but he did great! I think our travel companion Sleep Sheep helped out a bit. ;)

First Car Ride

I'm so amazed by how in tune I am with my baby. My body knows before I do when he needs to eat, I wake up just as he is stirring from sleep for another nursing session, his crying breaks my heart, his smiles make my day. I have my exhausted & frustrated moments but I can't complain. :)


hanamik said...

thank you miss jihee :)

hanamik said...

I don't mind at all, I appreciate you leaving a comment ;) & thank you!

ieo said...

Congratulations!! He's precious.
The time goes by soooo fast, so enjoy it. :]

Jihee said...

aww, that is such a sweet picture of jeff and tokki!

Elee said...

hello! ive been stalking your blog for a while now...hope you dont mind...hehe.
i love reading about your crafting!

congratulations on your baby boy, he is ADORABLE!!!! :D