Friday, April 29, 2011

tokki watch: ten weeks


Yea! It's the weekend!

This week, I went to my second La Leche League meeting with Mommy. There were so many other babies there! It was a fun time going out alone with Mommy and I took some nice naps during the long car rides. Also, I had my first volunteer experience at Pacifica where the community group sang hymns, had Bible study, and prayed for the grandmas and grandpas who live there. I mostly listened while I ate, but I did my part in making everyone smile and reminiscing about their own children and grandchildren!

I'm in a very good mood these days so I shoot killer smiles at everyone. Mommy really likes when I do that so she watches me closely so she doesn't miss it. I'm growing out of some of my diapers because I'm getting so big! I'm over 13 pounds and everyone tells me I'm a big healthy boy.

Tomorrow Mommy & Daddy are taking me on a weekend trip to Newport Beach! It'll be my first time sleeping in a hotel but I'll still be between my parents so I'll be OK. I'm excited to be out and about!

Have a great weekend everyone and come back on Monday to see some cool pictures of me at the beach!

Ten Weeks

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mom hair

I'm very low maintenance in terms of makeup and hair styling. I very much prefer a natural look and I don't make huge changes in how I look except for the rare haircut. These days, I'm really considering that haircut. (But it makes me wonder if that'll make me have mom hair... you know, the short haircut moms get after having kids?) At this point, it's mostly in a ponytail and I'd rather have it shorter to cut down on drying & styling time plus out of the way for the summer heat.

Some styles I'm considering...

I prefer shoulder length over a shorter bob so I will probably go with something in the second row. Gotta call in for that hair appointment soon!

What makes you want to change up your style?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011



On the way home from Torrance last weekend, we stopped by pinkberry for dessert after lunch. It's always a treat because we don't have one where I live although I really wish we did. I've been eating all kinds of yogurt (smoothie, organic plain, Korean style) these days to combat a bit of possible thrush in baby and frozen is the best! I'm totally craving it again!


Because I'm avoiding too much sugar, we got the original with strawberries, mango, honeydew melon, kiwi & honey! It was my first time getting honey as a topping and it's so delicious. I love how it freezes and melts again in your mouth. What's your favorite pinkberry combination? Share with me so I can try it out next time!

& because he's so cute and I can't resist this face...

(He was a little unhappy but calmed down and fell asleep holding my hand. *melt*)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Special Sunday

When you have a little baby, it takes a while to get ready in the morning. tokki wakes up around 6:40am every morning so it seems like there will be plenty of time but when you're exclusively breastfeeding, you just never know when the milk monster will show up! Church service time was 9:30am and we were still about ten minutes late.

Morning Prep
Getting ready...

Easter Sunday
Dressed in our Sunday best...

Easter Sunday
Worship with 5,000 people at the park...

Easter Sunday
Sitting way in the back because we were late! It seems everyone with little children were sitting near the back though so I felt better being able to nurse him and handle his fussing without feeling hurried.

It seems Easter just came and went and I wasn't prepared for it at all. Not that we have any Easter traditions in particular but just going to church in general has been a bit difficult these days. We get there but once we're there, it's hard to focus and listen to the sermon completely, if at all. I wonder if this is what it's like for all new parents? I just can't bring myself to leave him at the nursery yet.

Next Sunday, we'll be attending a class for parent dedication and then the week after that, we are dedicating tokki to the Lord. All I want for my son is to the know the most loving Father and have a strong relationship with Him. I pray every day that Tare and I will be good models for tokki to learn about God and grow in faith. Our family is in the hands of the Lord!

Monday, April 25, 2011

A Day at the Beach

Our little family had plans to spend this past weekend at the beach but there was a hiccup in the plans so we went for second best: a day at Redondo beach.

A Day at Redondo BeachA Day at Redondo Beach

Fresh oysters, sashimi plate...
A Day at Redondo Beach
A Day at Redondo Beach shrimp! So alive in fact, that when I was biting off near the tail end, the tail started flapping around! YES, WHAT?! I couldn't really eat another one after that but I have to say it was very tasty.
A Day at Redondo Beach
A Day at Redondo Beach
The fried heads were extra delicious. :D

A Day at Redondo Beach
Our first family photo :)

A Day at Redondo BeachA Day at Redondo Beach
A Day at Redondo BeachA Day at Redondo Beach

A Day at Redondo Beach

Oh those beautiful lashes... ♥
A Day at Redondo Beach

Looking forward to the end of this week! We're going to the beach again~ wee!

Friday, April 22, 2011

tokki watch: nine weeks

Nine Weeks
{special appearance by Aji}
Oh sweet little boy of mine,

The way you look at me makes me feel like the most important & needed person in the world. Sometimes I catch you looking my way when you're in Daddy's arms and it makes me feel all warm inside. You've been wanting to be held more often than usual these days and while my arms are getting a workout, I love the way your head rests against my shoulder and you relax into a deep sleep.

sleepy babysleepy baby

We celebrated you turning two months old last week with some tasty cupcakes, eaten by yours truly. I wonder if you got a taste of that lemon white chocolate cupcake deliciousness... ;)
two months

Enjoy a blessed Easter weekend everyone!
smiley boy

Monday, April 18, 2011

a moment to myself

After nursing tokki and laying him back down to sleep, I noticed light coming in through the window. I stepped outside to the patio after peeking out the window because this is what I saw...

moonlit night

A beautiful moonlit night! This iTouch photo doesn't capture how bright it was, even the grass on the ground was visible.
I took some time taking it all in, reveling in the beauty, and felt so refreshed by the breeze and peacefulness of the night. It was a lovely moment that was all mine, just me and God.

moonlit night

Friday, April 15, 2011

tokki watch: eight weeks

Hi Spring!


Happy two months! You're over 12 pounds now and sometimes I think your cheeks might just burst, so chubby! You're starting to hold your head up more during tummy time and finding your hand to suck on when it's near your mouth. You're the calmest baby, only fussing when you're letting us know you need something. If all babies are like you, I want a lot! Although we'll wait a few years before the next one... ;)

Mommy & Daddy feel a lot more comfortable going out with you so we've been out more often which is fun and different. Everyone wants to take a peek at you and I have to say, I kinda like the attention because I love showing you off! We can't wait to take you to the beach next weekend so you can feel the ocean breeze and see the pretty waves. Mommy will eat lots of good food for you!

Eight Weeks

Friday, April 8, 2011

A Yummy Start to the Weekend

yum yum sushi roll. nabeyaki udon.
bulgogi bento lunch. sweet little baby.

coldstone yea! brownie a la coldstone.

new shoes for husband. wavy hair for a day.

Wishing you a fun & exciting, relaxing & peaceful weekend!

tokki watch: seven weeks

Seven Weeks

My little ddoli,
We went back to church this week for the first time since you were born and although we couldn't sit through the whole service (you were hungry!), I'm glad we at least got through worship and communion. I loved showing you off and I didn't think it was possible but I truly think you are growing more adorable by the day. (It's not just me being a crazy-loving mommy either! Others say so too ;))

keke hehe

You're smiling more and it melts my heart, especially when it's after I kiss you or sing to you. Ooh, and Aji seems to be more curious about you now! She comes over to sniff you and lick your hand or toes and I've found her sitting in front of your swing when you were crying. I hope you and Aji become great friends and play together well, it will be so much fun!

Milk Monster

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Walk in the Park

Yesterday we went to the park to take a walk in the gorgeous weather & to try out our new stroller. It was beautiful out! We really need to do it more often before it gets way too hot.

Walking on a beautiful day

Walking on a beautiful day
{This is the "example" photo I took for Tare so he would know what I want the picture to look like lol.}

Walking on a beautiful day
{Our pink stroller... doesn't look bad, right? It kinda looks like a watermelon with the carseat color...}

Walking on a beautiful day

Walking on a beautiful day

Are you enjoying the weather where you live? Spring is definitely here!