Saturday, April 2, 2011

blast into the past

I'm linking up to yellow songbird's saturday snapshot!

This week we're going back 24 years to my newborn days. Compare and contrast with tokki!

{2 days & 1 day}

{10 days & 2 days}

{14 days & 9 days}

{25 days & 18 days}

{1 month & 1 month 2 weeks}

He definitely has features from his Dad, but overall he seems to look just like me when I was his age!

Some weekend funnies...
-I found the stroller we wanted on a baby deal site for a really great price so I bought it right away. I thought it was red. It arrived yesterday... it's pink. But it's not an offensive pink, more like honeysuckle so we decided to keep it because sending it back would be a hassle. tokki will be a boy that can handle pink from the beginning.
-tokki usually fusses a little before going number one and he was being fussy in Tare's arms this morning. But whenever Tare would take him to the potty, he wouldn't go! Tare sat down with him again, playing on his iPad, looked down at tokki and saw he was smiling. "Awww, he's smil--AGH!" It was a smile of release LOL! This happened several times on Tare's shirt & pants, making him change twice just to be peed on again! Ah... to be a parent is to be spit up on, peed on, sneezed on (flying snot!), even pooed on and it's usually funny. ...usually.


Daycia Harley said...

Adorable! You both look exactly alike!

Jenn said...

I love the bunny outfit on Tokki!! So cute to see mother and baby side by side ^^

Lauren Bird said...

I'm a new follower! I saw your link up at Yellow Songbird and I just love your pictures. Great idea to do the side by side.

Jihee said...

he's getting SO big!! In the last picture he looks so much like jeff!

PanidaL said...

SO CUTE! The bunny outfit is absolutely cute