Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Special Sunday

When you have a little baby, it takes a while to get ready in the morning. tokki wakes up around 6:40am every morning so it seems like there will be plenty of time but when you're exclusively breastfeeding, you just never know when the milk monster will show up! Church service time was 9:30am and we were still about ten minutes late.

Morning Prep
Getting ready...

Easter Sunday
Dressed in our Sunday best...

Easter Sunday
Worship with 5,000 people at the park...

Easter Sunday
Sitting way in the back because we were late! It seems everyone with little children were sitting near the back though so I felt better being able to nurse him and handle his fussing without feeling hurried.

It seems Easter just came and went and I wasn't prepared for it at all. Not that we have any Easter traditions in particular but just going to church in general has been a bit difficult these days. We get there but once we're there, it's hard to focus and listen to the sermon completely, if at all. I wonder if this is what it's like for all new parents? I just can't bring myself to leave him at the nursery yet.

Next Sunday, we'll be attending a class for parent dedication and then the week after that, we are dedicating tokki to the Lord. All I want for my son is to the know the most loving Father and have a strong relationship with Him. I pray every day that Tare and I will be good models for tokki to learn about God and grow in faith. Our family is in the hands of the Lord!


Jenn said...

Aawww his outfit makes him look so spiffy!! *hugs to you for taking such great care of him* ^__^

Sandy a la Mode said...

gah!! he is soo cute!! love the tie outfit hhe!!