Friday, April 22, 2011

tokki watch: nine weeks

Nine Weeks
{special appearance by Aji}
Oh sweet little boy of mine,

The way you look at me makes me feel like the most important & needed person in the world. Sometimes I catch you looking my way when you're in Daddy's arms and it makes me feel all warm inside. You've been wanting to be held more often than usual these days and while my arms are getting a workout, I love the way your head rests against my shoulder and you relax into a deep sleep.

sleepy babysleepy baby

We celebrated you turning two months old last week with some tasty cupcakes, eaten by yours truly. I wonder if you got a taste of that lemon white chocolate cupcake deliciousness... ;)
two months

Enjoy a blessed Easter weekend everyone!
smiley boy

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Jihee said...

AH! Luke is getting so big! I feel like he was born JUST yesterday haha. Everytime I see anything baby related I think of you guys haha. ;)