Friday, April 8, 2011

tokki watch: seven weeks

Seven Weeks

My little ddoli,
We went back to church this week for the first time since you were born and although we couldn't sit through the whole service (you were hungry!), I'm glad we at least got through worship and communion. I loved showing you off and I didn't think it was possible but I truly think you are growing more adorable by the day. (It's not just me being a crazy-loving mommy either! Others say so too ;))

keke hehe

You're smiling more and it melts my heart, especially when it's after I kiss you or sing to you. Ooh, and Aji seems to be more curious about you now! She comes over to sniff you and lick your hand or toes and I've found her sitting in front of your swing when you were crying. I hope you and Aji become great friends and play together well, it will be so much fun!

Milk Monster


JIN LEE said...

Hi, I like how his nickname is 똘이(am I correct?) so cute! Adorable baby boy!!! I recently became a regular reader of your blog and I love reading your beautiful words for your precious little one.


Daycia Harley said...

Very adorable! I love reading your blog! He is growing fast! And such a handsome smile! ('=

hanamik said...

Thank you for leaving a comment Jin! Yes, 똘이 is one of our nicknames for him ^^ because he is 김똘망!