Friday, April 29, 2011

tokki watch: ten weeks


Yea! It's the weekend!

This week, I went to my second La Leche League meeting with Mommy. There were so many other babies there! It was a fun time going out alone with Mommy and I took some nice naps during the long car rides. Also, I had my first volunteer experience at Pacifica where the community group sang hymns, had Bible study, and prayed for the grandmas and grandpas who live there. I mostly listened while I ate, but I did my part in making everyone smile and reminiscing about their own children and grandchildren!

I'm in a very good mood these days so I shoot killer smiles at everyone. Mommy really likes when I do that so she watches me closely so she doesn't miss it. I'm growing out of some of my diapers because I'm getting so big! I'm over 13 pounds and everyone tells me I'm a big healthy boy.

Tomorrow Mommy & Daddy are taking me on a weekend trip to Newport Beach! It'll be my first time sleeping in a hotel but I'll still be between my parents so I'll be OK. I'm excited to be out and about!

Have a great weekend everyone and come back on Monday to see some cool pictures of me at the beach!

Ten Weeks


Jenn said...

He's so happy! Fighting!!! =D

adriana said...

i miss those newborn days! What a cutie you have. I love the little rug...we have it in the frog!