Friday, April 8, 2011

A Yummy Start to the Weekend

yum yum sushi roll. nabeyaki udon.
bulgogi bento lunch. sweet little baby.

coldstone yea! brownie a la coldstone.

new shoes for husband. wavy hair for a day.

Wishing you a fun & exciting, relaxing & peaceful weekend!


kel said...

yum food looks good!

Jenn said...

Yummy bento box!! I am craving one now, I like his star blanket ^^

Jihee said...

ah that all looks so good! i'm like drooling. ew. haha.

love your hair hana unni!

Nette Nette said... I am sooo hungry! :)

Cecilia Warner said...

the food look phenomonal! makes me hungry ^-^

Sandy a la Mode said...

i am on the plane heading to california now and i couldn't be more excited for yummy food!!!! :)