Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strawberry Festival

Our family (including my mom and sister who were visiting for the weekend) went on a drive down to Oxnard for the Strawberry Festival that was held this past weekend.
We found out about it by chance on Saturday and we couldn't resist!

Strawberry Festival
Strawberry FestivalStrawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival
We had some calamari, crab garlic fries, and the sweetest strawberry smoothies that were made on site!

Strawberry Festival
Oh, can't forget corn dogs!

Strawberry Festival
And the grilled corn on the cob and chicken kabobs. Oh yum!

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival
Strawberry beer

Strawberry Festival
Some of the biggest strawberries I've ever seen covered in dark & milk chocolate! The size of my sister's face!
Strawberry Festival

Strawberry Festival
Baby got some strawberry milk ;)

Strawberry Festival
We ended our visit with delicious funnel cake. ♥

Strawberry Festival
The strawberry goodness is still not over since we got two big boxes of them to go! See the color on these strawberries?? I never knew strawberries could taste like this, pure sweet heaven in my mouth!
I don't know how I'm going to go back to regular grocery store strawberries... it makes me sad to think about eating the last of them tomorrow.

All in all, I heart strawberries!



Bora said...

man. i do not like that picture of me. hahaha. omg last picture. ahahahahahalolhjahaha. i will miss those strawberries. :(

mariana-_-takagui said...

Today I eat strawberries and by coincidence I read your post about the strawberry festival! ^^Yum strawberry beer!!! Your photo fat-strawb causes me nightmares (o.O')

Kel said...

Oh man, I love strawberries! what a great festival!

alexandra said...

looks like fun times ; )


CAPow! said...

That looks like so much fun! I missed the local Strawberry Festival here this year. I probably would have stuffed myself silly!