Friday, May 13, 2011

tokki watch: twelve weeks

Can you believe it? My baby is three months this weekend!
Twelve Weeks

This was tokki at one week, so tiny!
One Week

Then: 6lbs 6oz, 19.5 in long
Now: 14lbs 11oz, 24.25 in long

three monthsthree months

I love your voice and the sounds you make: the coos, the mews, the squeals, the hiccups, the squeaks, the content sighs, basically your every breath.
I love your cartoon hair that sticks up in the back.
I love your shy smiles in the morning and excited mouth-open, gum-showing grins when we play.
I love seeing myself reflected in those big, bright eyes of yours and knowing that you know me.
You are all mine and so perfect ♥.


Mariana Takagui said...

Beautiful words. It's everything a mother feels and sees. So sweet!

Jihee said...

I can't believe its only been 12 weeks and Luke is growing so much! He's so absolutely adorable I can't take it! hehe.

Sonja said...

 Healthy boy!! He is so stinkin adorable!! :)