Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New layout & Things I Love

If you're on a reader, click on over and check out my fresh new summery layout! :) (Thanks B!)

and just to be random, here are 7 things I love right now!
01. Pinterest... I finally just asked someone to invite me to pinterest since the wait list was not getting back to me since a long, long time ago and I absolutely love it! It's simple, it's a bunch of beautiful images, and it's all in one place on the web for me to browse and collect onto my own boards. I've been on it all day. :) Are you on it? Share your username with me!

02. Walks at the park... After Tare gets home from work, the whole family heads on over to the park to take a nice long walk before dinner. It's been helping us to get moving, get some fresh air and enjoy the unusually mild & beautiful weather.

03. Express jeans... Now that I'm a new size I need new jeans and low rise just won't cut it. I need something to hold me all in and Express has the nice mid-rise jeans to do it. I didn't know it was so tough to find affordable mid-rise jeans though.

04. Baby laughs... My son is laughing every day and it's the happiest sound that brings a smile to my face. If baby's laughs make you smile too, take a look here!

05. Summer dresses... flirty, fun, and so easy to get dressed & feel pretty!

06. Dinner on the grill... 'nuff said.

07. Colorado... My home state which we will be visiting in a few months! Wee!!


Jessica said...

Love your new layout! I've been curious about Pinterest but I don't really understand what it is =P

Sandy a la Mode said...

awww i LOVE your new summery layout!! it's so pretty! and i am soo happy about being able to wear dresses all the time too!!