Monday, June 20, 2011

Over the Weekend

We got a new car! {Mini Countryman Cooper S} I'm in love.

mini countryman cooper s
mini countryman cooper s

We went to Tare's company picnic which had a Country Carnival theme. We didn't do much there but next year, when tokki is a bit older I think we'll have a lot of fun in the kids' areas. tokki was asleep in the carrier the whole time. :)

Aera Country Carnival
Aera Country Carnival
Aera Country Carnival

Aera Country Carnival

How was your weekend?


Kel said...

awesome car!! 

Wiwianism said...

Mini Cooper!! One of my dream cars! I would so get the same exact one if I had money
Love your double exposures did you do it with your digital or film?

Jihee said...

AH!! So cute!!

hanamik said...

I did it with digital, all psed :)

Lisa said...

omgosh, beautiful car! I love the color too! :D and that's really creative what you did with your photos.. it makes them look more busy and lively. judging from the other comments, it's called a double-exposure? pretty neat.