Monday, June 6, 2011

Takoyaki at Home!

I recently purchased a Williams-Sonoma Ebelskiver pan with delicious takoyaki (octopus balls) in mind. If you haven't heard of or seen takoyaki before, it's a Japanese street food that is basically batter cooked with octopus, fried tempura batter bits, red pickled ginger, and green onion topped with takoyaki/okonomiyaki sauce, kewpie mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and seaweed flakes.

After the first flip...
After the second rotation...
The necessary finishings...
The completed awesomeness!

It was so much easier than I expected following the recipe and flipping the batter in the pan. I cannot wait to make these again and try out some different fillings and sauces!

Have you had takoyaki before? If you haven't, it's definitely worth trying! If you happen to have an ebelskiver pan too and would like to try it out, this is the recipe I followed. I made do without the red ginger and substituted the fried tempura bits with fried onion bits and it turned out fine. Made 10 balls.


Kel said...

yummy they looks soo good!

☆Cindii said...

Mmm yummy! 

Jihee said...

yummm i LOVE takoyaki! will you make me some one day? :)

Kentie said...

haha when I first saw an ebelskiver pan, the first thing I thought was "takoyaki pan??" 
Unfortunately I've tried it in a restaurant and I don't like octopus...which is a shame.