Friday, June 24, 2011

tokki watch: eighteen weeks

Eighteen Weeks

It's the little things that make you so sweet,
like how you grab my hand with both of your small ones with all of your strength and bring it to your mouth
the way you giggle at the ABC's and "doo!"
how you fuss when I'm out of sight
how your ear acts like a stamp on my arm when I hold you
your frustrated face when that mobile giraffe is always just out of reach
your adorable Puss in Boots eyes
like how you gag sometimes because of your finger but you don't learn and do it again
the delight in your eyes when you wake up in the morning and see me and when Daddy comes home.

piyo piyo boy
piyo piyo boy

How do other moms not post a billion pictures of their little ones? I'm trying to practice self-control but I must indulge family (hi grandma!) and Mommy loves sharing!


Kentie said...

Your son is SO adorable, I love his eye smiles :) 
Where did you find his shirt if you mind me asking? 

Kentie said...

Umm really sorry...I don't know why my blog url was pasted there instead of the word "don't" ...
Now I look like one of those blog spammers!!  D: 

Sandy a la Mode said...

ahhh his smile is tooo cute!! he has almost outgrown the bear!!!