Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mommy & Me Week

It's turning out to be a busy week. So far,
-Monday: MyGym class & chiropractor day
-Tuesday: WarmLine meeting & Basque dinner with community group

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I love the mygym class which is for Luke and me to play in a structured class with other mommies and babies. He had a lot of fun staring at other babies and doing new things like "jumping" on the trampoline and swinging. We've signed up for the class and will be going twice a week and our next class is Friday!

I'm not sure how I feel about the WarmLine group... There were only two other moms there this time with the group leader and while it was nice to sit and talk a while, it was so hard to leave! The time is from 11:30 to 1:30 and one could leave or join at any time but I'm not really outspoken enough to announce my leaving in the middle of any conversation going on so I stood awkwardly all packed up to go for like 30 more minutes after it was "over". I was waiting for a pause but it almost never came. Sigh. But not sure if that group is for me besides that...

Basque food on the other hand was excellent! Where I live is known for Basque food and it was our first time trying it since we've moved here. We went with our community group and it was awesome. The place we went is called Noriega's and it's family style with so much tasty food! Every night has a set menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and last night's dinner was
Soup, Salad, Beans, Bread, Salsa, Pickled Tongue, Cottage Cheese, Pasta or Rice, French Fries, Vegetable, Bleu Cheese and Ice Cream.
Also includes House Wine or optional beverage of Coffee, Tea, or Milk.

Tuesday: Chicken Cacciatore & Steak
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Cannot wait to go again!

Today and tomorrow are stay at home days (yay, no makeup!) and Friday we'll be heading out to another Mommy & Me group and MyGym class. tokki is making it so much easier by being such a happy, smiley boy when we go out. Lucky me! :)


cat song said...

that's awesome that you are starting to go!!! :)

Sandy a la Mode said...

mmm pickled tongue!!!! haha