Thursday, July 14, 2011


The Internet is a great source of inspiration for me. It's full of creativity, talented people, beautiful things. Most of the time I walk away from it feeling refreshed, encouraged, excited about trying something new, validated. But sometimes it becomes something more complicated as others' lives are compared against my own, envy sets in, doubts about what I'm doing, I feel drained.

It means I have to pull away and become more grounded in my life. I have to stop reading some people's blogs, stop following them on twitter, block their feed from facebook, and take some time to reflect on what's making me feel so small. I need to make changes again to be inspired by my own life and not just others'. I need to reconnect with God and be present and content with what I've been given. I've been grateful but not completely content.

Hopefully I will be more creative and inspired by me soon. I will probably have more to share then besides weekly updates of my little one.


vivi said...

I agree with having to compare your life to others but also a reminder that other people feel the same way and are trying too hard to make their lives as interesting as they can be. I try not to read those facebook feeds as much and concentrate more on getting inspiration.

*btw the pictures below are SO ABORABLE. my cousin is due in the fall and I'm excited!*

Cat said...

What kind of doubts do you get in comparison to other people? What would you say is the difference between being grateful vs. being content? I might have similar thoughts/feelings on this :P

Holly Crawford said...

Aw I hope that you start to feel more inspired soon!  I completely understand what you mean... lately I've just kind of stopped blogging.  I just haven't felt up to it, and it seems so hard to blog the type of posts that I imagine blogging when I've got an old computer that won't upload photos more than half the time... and no photo editing software at all.  I miss my old computer, ha!  But I'm trying to get back into the swing of things... it's hard sometimes, though!