Friday, July 1, 2011

tokki watch: nineteen weeks

Nineteen Weeks

One of the most amazing things is to watch a little person grow and learn new things. Every day is different with my little baby: one day he is frustrated not being able to grasp the giraffe on his mobile, the next day he has mastered pulling it into his mouth. Mommy's shoulders and back are a bit sore from holding a baby who is already fitting into 12 month old clothes. Where is all this extra weight going? Baby doesn't have a belly, it's all double chins and thighs! Mommy also has to watch out for baby's flying punches, kicks, and grabbing because this baby is strong. Drool (tokki's) is an everyday accessory for both Mommy and baby and it's smart to keep fingers out of reach or they will be gnawed on. Hard.

Current favorites:
Toy- duck
Song-  사과 같은 내 얼굴 (My face is like an apple, a Korean children's song)
Funny- Daddy's face
Chew thing- baby's fingers
New skill- holding foot while on the potty

Nineteen Weeks


Jessica said...

I just love your posts about Tokki. He is a beautiful baby! 

Jihee said...

aww seeing his pictures always puts a big smile on my face! so adorable!