Friday, July 29, 2011

tokki watch: twenty-three weeks

Twenty-three Weeks

My little tough guy,

This week we had a lot of fun at the Tiny Tykes class. You jumped on the trampoline, rode a log scooter, swung on rings and a swing, and hip-hip-hoorayed for the first time! You even sat on your own without falling over for the first time too! (Although it hasn't happened again at home...) I love seeing your bright eyes looking here and there when we go to new places, trying to take it all in--I can tell you're going to be a curious boy when you're older. We'll be going twice a week now, I hope you enjoy it just as much as the first time.

You've been making Mommy feel real special these days by looking for me even when you're in Daddy's arms. Daddy is a little jealous but I told him you would probably grow out of it soon... I secretly hope you never will though. ;)

Other little things to note from this week... you blow raspberries, you stay awake in the car for short rides now and will cry without stopping unless Mommy sings for you (the ABC song is magical), you use your rolling skills to reach things you want, and you look absolutely adorable with a bow in your hair. (I tried not to be that mom who dresses up her son but I couldn't help it! It stops with the bow though, I promise!)

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that is adorable!!!