Friday, July 22, 2011

tokki watch: twenty-two weeks

Twenty-two weeks
My little reader

We have been reading up a storm this week! tokki is still more into putting the book in his mouth than listening and looking but I'm just glad he is getting familiar with books. Both his dad and I loved reading when we were younger (& still do now) and we hope he loves it too. We're slowly building a bilingual library for him.

There has also been more babywearing this week. He falls asleep so well when I'm wearing him and we both enjoy the closeness. It's definitely making nap time a lot easier!

Sleeping Angel
BabywearingSleeping Angel

Oh, and today is a special day -- Happy birthday (Appa) Grandpa! We love you ♥


Kel said...

soo cute!!

Sonja said...

OH my goodness!!! I love his arm rolls! :)