Monday, August 15, 2011

Funny little stories

Location: urban outfitters fitting room

SA: What's your name? (To write on door)
Me: Hana... (prepared to spell it out)
SA: OK, I'm _____, let me know if you need anything.
Me: (Close door & try on clothes)
Bora: Hana? Hana? Puhahaha! (Laughing with Jihee) Here, take it hehehe. (Hands me clothes over door)
Me: (Confused why they're laughing)

I walk out and my sister shows me this:

Wow, creative spelling but ?_? Sigh, my name is NOT Juana. (It's not Hondu either.)

Location: Olive Garden men's restroom
(2 little boys around 4-5 yrs referred to as Boys)
Tare: (Washing hands)
Boys: (Staring & smiling at Tare) Hi :)
Tare: Hi
Boys: Are you Chinese?
Tare: No..
Boys: Do you speak Chinese?
Tare: No..
Boys: Are you sure?
Tare: Yeah
Boys: (After a bit) Ni hao! :) that means 'hi' in Chinese.
Hahahahaha! My husband always has the most random encounters with people.

Our trip to Colorado was wonderful. We were only there for a week but it feels like we were away from home for a month... need to get back in the groove here.
Lots of pictures to share this week! (And happy 6 months to my tokki!)

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