Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello Weekend

Farmers Market
{goodies from the farmers market}

We've been recovering this week from our week-long visit to Colorado. Seems like I can't get enough sleep! (Well, really I can't with tokki waking up so early in the mornings but he's so cute I gotta let it go.)

{playing at mygym}

I have way too many photos of tokki I actually feel sorry for sharing them all here. That's how many I have +10000000 more. And videos. But he's my life and I can't help but share... probably why I don't get many comments, but I understand there's nothing much to say. Maybe you could share what you're doing this weekend with me this time?

As for me, I'll be cleaning the house and then having friends over for a game night. :) I'm also looking forward to church and having Tare home to help take care of tokki. Ooh, and we'll be giving tokki his first taste of solid food (pastured egg yolk), how exciting!

Happy Weekend!

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