Monday, August 29, 2011

My 24th

My 24th
My 24th
My 24th

Tare pulled off a little birthday surprise for me today. Tokki and I came back home after MyGym and saw decorations up, flowers, a huge balloon, and a singing Tare holding a "cake" with candles for me to blow out again. He took a half day off from work and prepared this sweet gift for me! I am so very happy and grateful. ♥ I'm a lucky girl.

My 24th   My 24th   My 24th
I'm happy to finally be 24 today!


cat said...

aw happy birthday! i think luke looks so cute in the background of the cake. LOL

Laura Bell said...

It was my 24th Monday too :) How strange! We clearly have the best D.O.B!

hanamik said...

thanks :D

hanamik said...

I agree! :D

danya said...

 oh my goodness! don't you love sweet husbands? so special. :)

i think i maybe forgot to wish you happy birthday... sorry if this is so. my new sis-in-law has the same birthday as you! happy belated birthday (just in case)!