Monday, August 15, 2011

tokki watch: twenty-five weeks + Happy 6 months!

Twenty-five Weeks

My sweet tokki,

I can't believe you're half a year old already! Where has the time gone? I look at you sleeping beside me and compare what I see to pictures of your newborn days and it makes me tear up thinking about how much you've grown. It's all going much too fast for me but it brings me such joy to see you reach new milestones. I feel conflicted between wanting you to stay my little baby forever and looking forward to seeing you grow and learn.
booth fun

It was a busy week visiting our families in Colorado but you were an angel throughout the whole thing, from the flights to being out and about every single day there. Everywhere we went, all we heard was "Wow, he's so happy!" and "Look at that smile!" You soaked up all of the attention and loved every minute of it, it was too cute. People seem to be divided pretty evenly about who you look like, it's either all Daddy or exactly like Mommy. Either way, you're the most beautiful baby in the world!

Family picture

At six months you...
*recognize the words of your favorite books when Mommy recites them to you (Moo Baa La la la is a favorite.)
*turn towards the person who calls your name (Woohyun-ah!)
*sit without support for longer periods of time, but still prefer tummy time
*are calmed immediately by Mommy's singing or reading of a book during car rides (which you don't particularly enjoy these days)
*love banging on things with your hands, especially the piano! I can't wait to teach you, I think you have an ear for music the way you focus and listen when music plays.
*scoot backwards and sometimes forward. You are very good at getting what you want with your rolling skills.
*prefer to be with Mommy when you are tired. I'm enjoying all of the love ♥.
*show your joy by kicking your legs, flapping your arms, and flashing your gummy grin
*enjoy riding the swings


I thank God every day that you're healthy and energetic. Your joyful personality is a blessing and your smiles are contagious! Mommy & Daddy love you so, so, so much.
Twenty-five Weeks


ilene said...

oh my goodness! so precious - and you look great! what a beautiful family. :)

Jihee said...

it was so so so nice to see you guys! :D i'm so in love with luke! and the whole "juana" thing was seriously the funniest thing ever! haha come back soon!!