Saturday, September 10, 2011

LA County Fair

We spent all day at the fair on beautiful Friday. It was our first time there (why didn't I know about it before?!) and there was lots to do and see. We walked and walked through the different themed areas and surprisingly did not eat any fried sweets while we were there. We came home with tan lines and tired bodies but smiling faces.

LA County Fair '11 LA County Fair '11
LA County Fair '11
Ready to go!

LA County Fair '11
Pink's Rosie O'Donnell dog, turkey leg, shrimp pad thai

LA County Fair '11
Silly faces ;)

LA County Fair '11
Train museum

LA County Fair '11

LA County Fair '11
All kinds of animals! The nursing piglet was so cute.

LA County Fair '11
A rare family photo because a kind man offered to take one for us while passing by :)

LA County Fair '11
Mr. McGregor's Garden full of cute bunnies and chickens and ducks
(spy the bunny in the bowl?)

LA County Fair '11
I'm in love with this sweet face.

LA County Fair '11
A good time had by all!


mariana-_-takagui said...

So adorable your family <3

Jihee said...

Aww it looks like you guys had such a fun time! I still can't get over how smiley and adorable Luke is!! I miss his smiling face haha.

Kel said...

super cute!!

Sonja said...

sweet baby Luke!! I can't get over his hair! He does look so grown up! I cried a couple days after we trimmed Ethan's hair. It's just not the same!! My in-laws want to shave it so he has a 'new' set of full hair. Let me know how his hair grows in!! Beautiful family :)

hanamik said...

I know how you feel about the hair! I would be awake at night thinking about it and regretting it when we first had it done LOL. Small things but it's big for us moms... But his hair is growing in really well! Very evenly so it looks nice and I'm getting used to it now, so go for it if you're ever ready (but it will take a LOT of getting used to).