Monday, October 10, 2011

Back in the kitchen

On Saturday I spent almost the whole day in the kitchen tending to my first attempt at oxtail soup and a Korean version of chicken soup. I haven't been cooking as often as I did before tokki joined us because either I didn't feel like it or I felt hurried with a baby who wants to be with me all the time (It's like I'm on a short leash with him, I have to be within 5 feet of him in eyesight or I hear "umma-mama!") So when I felt a renewed desire to be in the kitchen and cook tasty healthy food for my boys it was great. I guess I was missing homemade Korean food!

I really enjoyed the hours of checking in on the soup and preparing ingredients even though it was a lot of time on my feet. The results? Warm, hearty, delicious meals we'll be eating for days. (and lots of beef broth frozen for later use!) I even set aside a bit of the unseasoned soup with radish and meat to give to tokki. He loved the mashed radish and soup but wasn't interested in the meat. I plan on cooking more traditional Korean dishes now as the weather gets cooler, yummy soups and stews galore!

Of course lots of time in the kitchen means lots of dishes... Special thanks to my husband who volunteered to do them. <3

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