Saturday, November 12, 2011

Monkeys & Peas Family Photoshoot

Back in September, we drove down to Venice Beach to take family photos. We wanted to capture our family with a 7 month old tokki because time is fleeting! Monkeys & Peas Photography (Trina) did a wonderful job taking beautiful photos of our son and the three of us together. It was nice to be in front of the lens for once since I seem to be behind it for the most part.

September 2011

These are my favorite shots. I'm excited to get some of them printed and up on our walls!


Sandy a la Mode said...

what a great family session!! he seriously looks like the product of the two of you... well duh! that would make sense! but it's just soo crazy how he resembles you both hehe!!

vivi said...

Wonderful family pictures!! I know some little ones hate being photographed, but tokki looked like he enjoyed it!!