Thursday, December 29, 2011

Final Week of Advent

Our first year counting down to Christmas with an Advent calendar.


19. Give to World Vision. (This year we chose to give towards providing clean, safe water for children in Africa.)
20. Grant each other a wish. (Mine was sorta silly & his I haven't yet granted, will soon though!)
21. Eat out for dinner.
22. Share goals & resolutions for 2012 and pray for the coming new year.
23. Give the neighbors a gift. (I baked a yummy apple yogurt cake for them & we took it over; well received so I'm happy!)
24. Attend Christmas Eve service at church.
25. tokki woke us up and we let him unwrap some books that were presents from halmuni & auntie B. We went to church then came home for a very laid back afternoon. We enjoyed a delicious roast chicken with veggies dinner at home. 

Looking forward to a new activity every day in December was fun for my husband and myself who didn't grow up with American traditions for Christmas. Christmas is not about trees, decorations, carols, gifts, or Santa, but all of the fun was like celebrating Jesus' birthday a little bit each day. 
Jesus is the greatest gift given to us by God and we hope to continue celebrating Christmas in a way that tokki will grow up knowing this truth.

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