Saturday, December 17, 2011

tokki watch: Ten Months

40-43 Weeks

My little tokki, how quickly you are growing and time is passing us by!
You now have three teeth, two of which make you look quite goofy when you smile. You click-clack them together as you're still trying to get used to them too.
Your balance is improving as you've grown more confident in standing and even taking a few steps!
You are a mover and shaker, active as can be and dancing along to your favorite beats (nothing beats the Wonder Girls!).
You are so observant and reserved in new places but once you get warmed up, there's no stopping those smiles and flirting.
You treat books with a little more care now as you flip the pages carefully and look at the pictures intently. It warms my heart to see you quietly "reading" throughout the day.
I love to hear you sing along to the Christmas tunes we listen to as you rest your head against me before your nap times, it's one of my favorites parts of being a mommy.
You're a quick learner--once you figure out how to do something new, you pick it up and do it like you've always known how. Mommy & Daddy are going to have to do some more baby-proofing around the house!
Mama's milk is still the best but you love your meat!

10 months

I love you all the way to the moon and back, my little bunny. ♥

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vivi said...

what a cutie, it's really amazing how quickly babies grow and learn new things!