Sunday, January 15, 2012

tokki watch: Eleven Months

Baby tokki,

You are 11 months old! There are so many things I want to record and remember as you've been learning new skills and growing so quickly this past month.

Turtle Eater

First of all, you've gained more weight and your double chin back because you are eating solid foods instead of just playing with them. You were quite heavy before but now you're really giving Mommy & Daddy's arms a workout. But you haven't cut back on nursing, in fact, you've been nursing nonstop as you've been growing three new teeth at once! And you clearly let me know when you want some mam-ma (nursing) time by pulling at my shirt. Your smile gets cuter and cuter with the addition of each new tooth. 6 total now :)

Ooh, the most exciting is that you're a walker now! Just a few days ago you started walking beyond a few steps at a time so steady and balanced. There are still falls and you prefer crawling when you're in a hurry but the rate at which you improve day by day is amazing! You look so proud of yourself after walking a distance, it seems to reflect how proud we are of you.

Your hand-eye coordination has improved so much since you've been feeding yourself. You choose to pick up your food or spoon to your mouth at mealtimes and won't let us do it for you! (I can also see bits of strong-headedness during the day when you clearly let us know when you don't like something or want something, especially when we take things away that aren't for you to play with. Also has to do with the potty break we're taking because you're so busy playing!) The coordination also plays a part in how well you've been playing with your toys which require you to pick up and drop the toys in specific places; you learn how to play new games quickly which makes it so much fun to watch and interact with you. It brings a smile to my face every time you imitate what I do, like making the sound of the car moving while you roll the car "booooooong!"

You can share and you randomly give me kisses throughout the day. Your gestures of affection make my heart burst with love over and over again. These days Mommy is tired from staying up later to plan your birthday party but you also give me times of rest as you play happily by yourself as I sit near you and just watch. I look forward to meal times as we sit together at the table and we can share our meals. We pray together, we read together, we are familiar in our routines together as a family.

You're my lovable little sidekick and Appa & I love you so very much.
Time to start counting down to your first birthday! Yay!

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