Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A day in the life

Life slows down a lot when you have a baby.. time, not so much. The days quickly pass but the day itself is spent quite leisurely.

A typical day goes something like this...
I hear L wake up and I turn and open my eyes to his smiling face. I take him potty and we do a little stretching and roll around in bed and nurse. I crawl out of bed and he follows suit, I clean his potty and put contacts in, brush my teeth while L waits for me.

We walk out to the living room where we spend most of our day. We take some time to nurse again or read a couple of books before breakfast. I tell L it's time for breakfast and he walks towards his highchair or he plays while I prepare our breakfast. I strap him in his chair and we pray together. We eat slowly and I check the usual on my iPhone until he lets me know he's done. If he's happy, I give him a few puffs to snack on while I wash the dishes or let him down and clean him up to walk around with his water bottle while I finish up.

Until his nap time, which is much later now that he's dropped one of his two naps, we mostly read books L brings me and watch K videos on the TV (my guilty pleasure which I try to limit to two a day). I change his diaper every hour to hour and a half since L has lost interest in ECing for now and we snack on puffs and dried fruit snacks and nurse nurse nurse.

After his nap, we eat lunch and continue to play and read. These days he asks me to wear him on my back by bringing me the mei tai and assuming position on my back. I watch as he performs silly antics like trying to somersault and carrying around a bag on his shoulder like he's shopping. If we're watching another video (usually music related) he dances and claps. He drops by where I'm sitting signing for mam-ma or water or brings me his snacks to open for him. We read about cows and he moos, we see an elephant and he brings his arm up and makes a bbbuuuuu sound. He tells me he loves me by bringing his short arms as high as they go to make a heart near his head and gives me kisses which I readily accept and return with joy.

I narrate what I'm doing or what we're doing together all day. I used to spend my days in silence by myself but now I have to chatter which is unlike me but is pleasant to do with another person who listens well. Soon Tare is home and L runs toward him with open arms, wanting to be held. I prepare dinner while the boys play and we eat together as a family. We talk to each other about our day and mostly it's about funny or new things L did that make us both laugh and confirm that our son is a genius.

Somehow after talking and playing and cleaning up, it's already bedtime for the little one. Each night it always comes so soon, but I change L into a disposable diaper for the night and we head in to the bedroom with a good night wave to Appa. L is sometimes very tired and nurses easily to sleep but sometimes he needs time to calm down and rolls around the bed making weird noises and yelling into the darkened space while I look on in amusement (and sometimes frustration). Finally when he is heavy with sleep I carefully roll away and place my pillow against the edge of the bed and creep out to have some time with my husband and some time for myself.

Looking back on my day I know I haven't completed many chores. Most days we never even make it outside of the house! We cuddled, shared meals, cleaned up, read books, lay around, laughed. It's hard to explain to someone else exactly what it is we did that day that seems substantial enough to share.

I love this passage from What Mothers Do by Naomi Stadlen:
"All this time she is being with her baby. It is this invisible relationship that feels like doing nothing. She is refraining from busying herself with a long list of tasks and instead is slowing down her life to match the pace of his. ...It isn't easy. Yet here is the very source of the momentous relationship between the two of them. Far from doing nothing, she is doing everything."
I'm blessed to spend each moment of L's life with him. I know it won't always be this way so I cherish the memories as we're making them, even if they're memories of just being together, being with him, being present, doing "nothing" which is everything.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Luke's First Birthday Party

L's Dol

We live in California but all of our family lives in Colorado, so this was a destination dol. It took us the longest time to find the right venue, but luckily a new place was opening and the in-laws knew the owner so we were the first customers to use Seoul Palace. We actually didn't see the place until we arrived in CO but my parents sent pictures of it in progress so we weren't too worried about how it would look. It turned out beautifully and was the perfect size for our party.

Our theme was shades of blue and bunnies, since Luke was born in the year of the rabbit (as were his mom and dad!) and even his nickname while he was in the womb was "tokki." I wanted it to look refined but still casual enough to look like a baby's birthday party.

Welcome table, Photo table, & Doljabi Raffle
We had a welcome table with a guest book and raffle tickets (designed by me) handed out and two more tables with a photo from each month of Luke's first year, the raffle, and wishing tree. The welcome poster and doljabi poster were also designed by me, although I got the rabbit ear icons from a template on a Korean blog. The ceramic number one and blue bunny which held the raffle tickets are from Michaels. The frames were from Target and the wishing tree from Beau-coup.
Welcome 2
L's Dol
L's Dol

It was so nice to see all of the weekly pictures from L's first year together and seeing how much he has grown!
Welcome 3

Food & Dessert
The dinner buffet was provided by Seoul BBQ which is right next to the venue owned by the same owner (so much amazing food that we don't have pictures of and didn't get to eat much because we were so busy with a cranky baby and the event itself). For desserts, we booked the cake & cupcakes from Happy Cakes trusting Yelp reviews and ordered chocolate covered strawberries from Edible Arrangements. I designed the cupcake toppers myself and found a cute chalkboard frame from World Market to write the different flavors. My cousin went above and beyond what we requested and made six different types of macarons (double chocolate, raspberry, yuzu, green tea with white chocolate, black sesame) for the most popular dessert of the night! They were so delicious and beautiful to look at.
L's Dol

Main Table
The main table was pretty simple with just the cake, go-ims, and fruit arrangements. I wanted the cake to be plain but with a little blue and I made a bunting cake topper which is very popular these days. The letters are from Michaels and the fruit arrangements are the cute Easter bunny arrangements from Edible Arrangements. They went with our theme so well and were a twist on the stacked whole fruit arrangements I saw on others' dol tables. The bunting and tissue paper pompoms were DIY.
L's Dol
L's Dol

We made the "chuk-dol" and rabbit go-ims beforehand and sent them to CO (my husband actually made one of them, can you guess which one? ;) Yep, it's the not-as-pretty-but-effort-that-counts "chuk-dol" one) and made the wave go-im a few days before the party. We used different sized lima  beans and black beans, as well as skittles and pompoms for the bunny's face. I drew the bunny face freehand because I couldn't find a cute enough template. The wave one was made with colored sixlets found at Party City which were expensive but pretty and easy to glue. 
Main Table
L's Dol

Guest tables
For centerpieces, I went the easy route and did balloons on weights. There are bunnies hanging from the balloons which were a hand-cramp to cut out but very cute as little garlands. I also ordered confetti in shades of blue in the shape of bunnies to scatter on the tables from Etsy.
Guest Tables

We made a standing brochure(?)/information card thingie for the guests to read facts about Luke and order of events. We found a template on a Korean blog and I customized the colors, picture, and other things to match our party.
Guest Table 2

Favors were a variety of dduk (rice cakes) packed in boxes with a cute sticker of Luke on them (designed by me). Obok Dduk did an amazing job packaging the favors for a very reasonable cost.

Throughout the party we played music (a special playlist) and a slideshow of pictures on the TV near the buffet area. This worked out well because while people were waiting in line for food they were able to watch Luke's first year in pictures!

Luke went straight for the pencil!

The party was beautiful and looked almost exactly as I had envisioned it for the few months leading up to it. There was just the right amount of DIY-ing that made me feel really involved in preparing for the party yet didn't have me tearing my hair out in stress. I wish baby had been in a better mood (he was teething) but our whole family enjoyed it and it was fun to celebrate our little one's first birthday with everyone.
L's Dol
Baby L
Party moments

List of vendors (in Colorado):
Balloons - Absolute Value
Banner - Little Seouls Party (online)
Event hall - Seoul Palace
Catering - Seoul BBQ
Cake & cupcakes - Happy Cakes
Macarons - Jay Lee (cousin)
Dduk - Obok ddukjib
Posters - printed at Costco
Photographer - Fall Child Photography

Saturday, March 3, 2012


Puss in Boots Eyes
those sweet eyes are dangerous
Balloon fun
someone really likes balloons!
DCM collage
DCM collage
fun on his birthday at the Children's Museum of Denver
L's favorite Grandpa
a sweet moment between grandpa & grandson

Thursday, March 1, 2012

tokki watch: Twelve Months


You are one year old! I don't know if I really believe it yet but the time says you are and you've grown from a newborn to infant to toddler. You're taller and stronger but when I hold you in my arms when you nurse, you're still my little baby.

You're observant and curious, persevering and strongheaded, and silly and sweet. Your personality is as bright as your big eyes, which is very bright! You're smart and great at imitating what we do and say (which entertains us like nothing else!) and you understand and communicate with us very well. It makes our job as parents much easier; but then again, you've always been such a content and easygoing baby. I'm grateful for your health and energy and never ending laughter, it lights up my life.

Appa & I have been blessed beyond measure with you in our lives. I love that I can look back on our first year as parents with so many precious memories and also look forward to many more fun memories we will make together as you get older. And right now, each day with you is just perfect. I love you to the moon and back WooHyun.


One Year