Thursday, March 1, 2012

tokki watch: Twelve Months


You are one year old! I don't know if I really believe it yet but the time says you are and you've grown from a newborn to infant to toddler. You're taller and stronger but when I hold you in my arms when you nurse, you're still my little baby.

You're observant and curious, persevering and strongheaded, and silly and sweet. Your personality is as bright as your big eyes, which is very bright! You're smart and great at imitating what we do and say (which entertains us like nothing else!) and you understand and communicate with us very well. It makes our job as parents much easier; but then again, you've always been such a content and easygoing baby. I'm grateful for your health and energy and never ending laughter, it lights up my life.

Appa & I have been blessed beyond measure with you in our lives. I love that I can look back on our first year as parents with so many precious memories and also look forward to many more fun memories we will make together as you get older. And right now, each day with you is just perfect. I love you to the moon and back WooHyun.


One Year


Andrea Corns said...

It is so neat to see all the pictures together like this!  I love doing it with pics of my nephew as gifts for his momma!  

vivi said...

a happy happy first birthday to tokki!